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(FR) John BrocklandJOHN BROCKLAND                                                                                                                               John has been an outstanding bowler since his junior days. He was a two-time Junior Archway Association Bowler of the Year. John has won multiple Gran Prix titles and other local tournament titles, the Holiday Doubles, the 2012 State All Events title, and finished 17th at the USBC Masters in 2013 as the third last Amateur to be eliminated from the tournament. In 2014, he won the TNBA Southern Rhodman Classic in Memphis.  He has 71 300 games, (2 of which are Sport certified another of which was during PBA competition).  He also has 51 800 series to his credit. In 2013-14, he had the High Sport Bowling Average in the Nation for Men with 233. John was inducted into the STL USBC Association Hall of Fame in 2006 and the MO USBC Association Hall of Fame in 2014. For each of the past few summers, he has participated in the Midwest Swing of the National PBA50 Tour accumulating two 7th place finishes, including one at a Major -- the PBA50 National Championship, and has cashed in 70% of the PBA50 Tour events he has entered.  He is a Pro Shop Staffer for Storm & Roto Grip and is also a Staffer for VISE inserts and bowling products.

Dustin BoiceDUSTIN BOICE                                                                                                                                 Dustin started bowling at age 14 and has had the bowling bug ever since.  He has put in a lot of time practicing and learning the dynamics of ball layouts.  He is currently one of the better bowlers in the Prestigious Master Traveling League.  Dustin has rolled 15 sanctioned 300 games and 11 800 series.

Bob truly loves his bowling.  He is currently bowling in three leagues, including the challenging Senior Traveling League.  He also practices most Saturdays at DuBowl.  He has 4 300 games with a high series of 784.  Bob's highest lifetime average was 219.  If Bob is not bowling, he is normally at the lanes watching scratch tournaments or on his computer watching Extra Frame.

Art Bunch Art Bunch
Art has bowled 23 300 games and 1 800 series in his bowling career.

We are proud to have these bowlers on our Pro Shop Staff.  We look forward to the reviews and videos of upcoming new releases from the Storm and Roto Grip lines, presented by John.