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We offer many services including:
Professional hand fitting, ball layout, and drilling, plugging, resurfacing, sanding, polishing, installing finger grips, thumb slugs, Interchangeable Thumb System (ITS) and switchgrip.

All of our personal have many years experience ensuring that your ball will be properly fit and drilled for you and your bowling style. Stop in and we can work with you to get the proper fit and feel for your ball.

We are also happy to help you maintain your balls appearance and factory condition. Your satisfaction and helping you to enjoy your bowling experience is our goal!

Ball ResurfaceWhy Resurface?
Over time your ball will become nicked and tracked out from usage. Resurfacing the ball will bring the surface to a like new appearance and out of the box reaction.

Oil Absorption
Test's show that 100 games a ball will absorb enough oil that it will loose 3 to 5 boards of hook pattern. Cleaning your ball after bowling will extend the number of games. We offer an oil remover process which safely removes the oil and brings the hook and hitting power back.