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The Timeless
Review Date: 2 April 2017

Reviewed by:
Storm/Roto Grip staffer John Brockland
Style: Stroker Rev Rate: 280-310
PAP: 5.5" over and 1" up

The release of the TIMELESS has received a lot of hype because of the design input contributed by Jason Belmonte and the fact that it is the first in what Storm says will be an ongoing Signature Line. 

There’s a weight block inside of another weight block in this new release.  It produces an RG of 2.57 at 15 pounds, the highest RG ball Storm has produced since the FIGHT whose RG was at 2.62.  The cover here is R2S hybrid at 1500-grit polish, which ends up being super clean and hyper respectful of oil even with the ball’s high flare potential and DIFF of 0.050.

At the end of the day what I have to say about the TIMELESS is that not every bowling ball is for everybody!  The TIMELESS is one that I have made several efforts to find success with (as is obvious from the plug and re-drill noticeable in the photo).

My first-run experience with it was with my standard pin over the bridge layout (55 x 5.5 x 45).   When I threw it perfectly, it would face up and go through the pins great especially on STL burned up wooden track surfaces.   However, with as much volume as some proprietors use to compensate for worn surfaces, if I missed it just a little at the bottom the TIMELESS would hook but never really seem to find its preferred axis and just kind of lope down lane.  Flat tens and weak swishing sevens mixed with four pins and solid nines were frequent.   Trying to "make it hit" after a flat ten usually resulted in it snapping off a few feet early and going through the face.   I took a recommendation of trying to add a weight hole 7-inches across on the midline from my grip center to see if that would give me the "help" down lane I seemed to need.  It only gave me more of the same motion, but about a foot sooner.

 So, having heard some others including fellow Senior Player, Gregg Zicha, say they had some success with it with a pin under drilling, I tried that as is evident in the photo.   That started to create the right shot shape for me, but resulted in ring ten vs. four pin carry.    After watching Gregg Zicha’s ball videos, I knocked the cover down with a 1000-grit abralon pad as he had, but that made only a small difference.

 Long and short, the only situation in which I've had any success at all with the TIMELESS was one set of 750 when subbing in a center where the track has a several board wide blend of only medium volume at the edge of the house pattern.   In that circumstance, staying in that medium volume tube from front to back, the TIMELESS read the lane correctly and went through the pins consistently well.  That might present hint of the possibility that the TIMELESS may be a good ball for me to have in the bag on medium to light volume flat sport patterns when attacking the pattern by going direct and staying in a tube is key.  Who knows?

 Oddly, I have seen other straighter players like local lefty, Don Griffin, absolutely love the TIMELESS playing up the track.  I’ve also seen other higher rev guys like fellow local #SquadRG member, Shea Bittenbender, have the same struggles with it that I have.

 This isn't the first time a ball just hasn't been the right tool for me.  It won't be the last.  For those in whose hand I've seen it work, however, it's always been awesome enough that it made me keep trying with it for as long as I did and in as many different ways as I did.

Lbs. RG Diff. PSA  Diff. 
16 2.54 0.051 N/A
15 2.57 0.050 N/A
14 2.59 0.049 N/A
13 2.59 0.045 N/A
12 2.65 0.035 N/A
11 N/A N/A N/A
10 N/A N/A N/A