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Review Date: 21 November 2018

Reviewed by:
Storm/Roto Grip staffer John Brockland
Style: Stroker Rev Rate: 280-310
PAP: 5.50" over and 1" up

The HALO is a brand new release in the HP-4 line of the Roto Grip arsenal.  It is Roto Grip’s exclusive high performance asymmetrical solid at this point.
The weight block is the new Centrum asymmetrical core that took over a year to develop.  Radial disc shape added to the middle of the core is meant to “increase rotation/continuation of the core once in motion.”  The cover is MicroTrax-S18 solid which was first introduced on the IDOL.  It is still the strongest solid reactive cover Roto Grip has ever produced.

There can be no mistaking the fact that the HALO is a heavy volume ball and, in fact, needs heavy volume to be effective.  Compared to other high performance asymmetrical balls in the Utah arsenal, I find it to be a touch later rolling than the NO RULES and the SURE LOCK but earlier than the PHYSIX and the CODE X.  The motion produced by the HALO is strong for sure.   For me the SURE LOCK was often too early and too strong.  The NO RULES was a better option for me in that super early roll category.  The HALO produces more defined motion down lane than the NO RULES and is more a hooking motion than the arcing motion of the PHYSIX.  For me it also produces more defined motion than my CODE X but that is likely because on the CODE X I have the mass bias in a pretty smooth and somewhat weaker position (3 inches from pap compared to 5 inches).
The drilling on my HALO is a pretty standard high pin asymmetrical layout for me.  The pin is 5.5 to pap.  The mass bias is 5 inches to pap.  And the pin buffer is about 2.5 inches.
I had a first reasonable opportunity to send the HALO down the lane during the first evening of the fall session of a fledgling sport league here in the STL on the 2018 OC's Minors Pattern in a center with worn HPL's.  The left lane was about 4 tighter for me than the right lane to start, so it was HALO on the tight lane and a worn-in pin-down TRICK on the other lane.  On the tighter lane, the HALO created forgiveness and area that I couldn't create with anything else (TRICK, IDOL, short pin ALPHA CRUX).  For the most part, what I saw was what the design intent predicted.  The core produced what could best be described as combining the best of the core from the NO RULES with the best of the core from the CELL series.  The ball rolled really well for me through the super tight fronts on the left lane in a situation when every other ball thrown less than perfectly would squirt through the front and miss the midlane.  The HALO gave me the kind of forgiveness in that situation that is $$$ for a Raisin like me.
What I saw thereafter was convincing enough that the HALO was one of a few strong asymmetrical balls that I shipped to Las Vegas for this fall’s South Point Senior Shootout.  I used it extensively on the tournament’s 43-foot pattern and managed to get past a very slow start of only +2 after two games to +107 after six.  There was no re-oil that day and by the time we started modified match play that afternoon the lanes had sit for several hours.  The increased friction made the HALO too much ball.  But the HYPER CELL PHAZED was a perfect go-to, inasmuch as it allowed me to deal with the friction but continue to create similar ball shape that carried really well.  I went 5-0 in match play and qualified second for the stepladder.  They re-oiled for the stepladder and through the course of the first two matches prior to mine the championship pair got really tight down lane.  I ended up losing a hard fought match with a 197 game that featured several flat tens.  In retrospect, I should have hit the HALO with a fresh 1000 grit pad before the start of that match and it would have been perfect, I think.
....On my HALO I went with a modified sort of stacked, leverage drilling....something I haven't tried in a while. Specs come to 4.5 x 5 x 2.5.  
There is absolutely no doubt that the HALO has the top end strong ball spot in my tournament bag at this point.  It will take something pretty special coming around the corner to unseat it at this point.  Any league bowler looking for a heavy volume, strong rolling, asymmetrical solid should give the HALO a look.


Lbs. RG Diff. PSA  Diff. 
16 2.49 0.050 0.018
15 2.49 0.050 0.018
14 2.54 0.050 0.015
13 2.60 0.040 0.008
12 2.62 0.040 0.008
11 N/A N/A N/A
10 N/A N/A N/A