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JOHN BROCKLAND For Winning the 2 Ball Challenge League, and To our New RAY ORF'S Pro Shop Staffer -- BRIAN HARGROVE!

2 Ball Challenge
League Standings

NEW Ball Reviews
by John Brockland!

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>>  HYSTERIA  (08-22-2014)
>>  OUTCRY  (08-22-2014)
>>  SINISTER  (08-22-2014)

>>  OPTIMUS  (07-01-2014)
>>  Hy-Road Solid  (07-01-2014)
>>  Wipe Out
>>  Punch Out

>>  Zero Gravity  (03-04-2014)
>>  The !Q Fusion  (02-04-2014)

>>  The Asylum  (01-07-2014)
>>  The Hyper Cell  (01-07-2014)
>>  The Uproar  (01-07-2014)


To our good friend and Ray Orf's and Storm Staffer Dustin Boice 279, 300, 289, 868 series!
34 out of 36 strikes using the
Storm Hy-Road Pearl.
Nice bowling Dustin!

Bowlers Exciting Offer!

For the new season, FREE Ray Orf's bowling shirt!

Notify us when you shoot a 300 game or 800 Series Using equipment bought at Ray Orf's and drilled by us. >> High Scores

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Ray Orf's Bowling and Trophy Shop online. We have been open for business since 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri (South County). Our goal has always been to give the very best service while offering competitive pricing. We stock a large inventory of bowling balls, bags, shoes, and accessories from all the major brands. Thanks for your interest in Ray Orf's Bowling and
Trophy Shop.

Ray Orf, Rich Orf and Staff


Shout out to our own Pro Shop Staffer and Storm/Roto Grip Staffer, John Brockland, for winning the TNBA Southern Rhodman Classic in Memphis this weekend!....with Hyper Cell, Zero Gravity, and Uproar...Congrats also to hometowner, Jenn Helferstay, for winning the Ladies Division of the Rhodman this year!...also with the Hyper Cell!!!


"Proud to be a Storm VIP/Roto Grip All-Star Pro Shop
  to meet your bowling needs..."


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